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Commercial Property

Whether you’re starting something new or relocating hundreds of employees, you’re going to need space to set up, stand out, and succeed. Norwich has a wide range of premises to pick from – suitable for companies of all shapes and sizes – and at prices far cheaper than London or nearby Cambridge. From large, modern units on Broadland Business Park and sprawling city-centre offices to historic charm in the Lanes, there’s plenty of different property types too.

What you won’t find is a vast metropolis of disconnected areas. Norwich is compact and connected, so wherever you’re based, you’ll be near to all the amenities and community on offer. Don’t need a whole space to yourself? There are co-working and hot-desking options, including Studio Inn and Fuel Studios, where you can work alongside other small businesses. And for those just starting out, you’ll find facilities designed specifically for you. Check out start-up incubator Akcela Ventures and Nwes to find out more.

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Homes in Norwich

If you’re planning to relocate your business to Norwich, you will probably be looking to relocate yourself. House hunting in an unfamiliar city can be stressful – especially if you don’t live close by. To lighten the load, here’s a directory of all the city’s best property agents. That way, you can get local advice about neighbourhoods, prices, and more.

Rent prices in Norwich are over 20% lower than the National Average, and over 55% lower than in London.
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