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  • Start-up Funding and Business Grants

    Starting a business from the ground up is no small feat, and one of the key ingredients for success is securing the necessary funding and grants.

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  • A man works at a laptop in Artlist's Norwich Office

    Case study: Dan Jackson, Frontend Developer for Artlist

    We speak to Dan Jackson, Frontend Developer for global creative software company Artlist.

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  • Case Study: Norwich for Digital Start-ups

    We interview John Fagan, CEO at Scribe - Premium Cloud Software for Local Councils, Co-founder of the Tech Startup community called SyncNorwich, and the annual business startup event called Sync the City.

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  • Coworking in Norwich

    Norwich is a city full of creative entrepreneurs, budding small businesses, and established organisations alike. With a wide range of businesses from different industries working in close proximity, you'll quickly build connections - especially if you operate in one of Norwich's many coworking spaces! We've interviewed a just a few of the businesses who operate in coworking spaces in Norwich, plus some of the people who run them - giving you an insight into what it's like coworking in Norwich...

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  • Case Study: From London, to Norwich.

    We hear from Ross Olivey, co-founder of In Development Studios, a creative development studio, about moving his business from London to Norwich.

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  • Welcome to Work in Norwich

    Norwich is the city of everyday WiNs - and there really is a win for everyone. We've collated just a few of our favourite things about working in Norwich, to give you an idea of what you'll discover in our fine city...

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