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Share your everyday WiNs with us…

There are several ways you, as a local organisation, business or individual, can get involved with Work in Norwich:

Submit a Guest Blog

We’re working on setting up a new blog/news page on the Work in Norwich website as a pilot project.

We would love to feature guest blogs from locals – whether you work in Norwich, operate a business or an organisation in Norwich.

Some ideas for guest blogs are below, but we’re open to any of your suggestions:

  • Your experience of working in Norwich – what made you choose Norwich to live/work in, what sector you work in, etc
  • Your experience of running a business in Norwich – why Norwich? more about your business, the perks of working in Norwich (or everyday WiNs!)
  • Blogs based around specific business sectors in Norwich – i.e., “Creative & Digital Start-Ups in Norwich – Why This is the Place for Your Business to Flourish”
  • Why you love Norwich – life in Norwich, your favourite places to eat, your hobbies, and work life experiences
  • Sector-specific news in Norwich

We will credit you as the blog author on the website, and if you run a business we can tag you in any social media promotion of your blog, and link to your website from ours.

To submit a blog post for consideration, please send a draft of your post to us via email.


Case Studies

We have a collection of Case Studies on our website, which showcase the everyday WiNs that come with working in Norwich. These are all real, local people with completely different backgrounds, but with one thing in common – they all Work in Norwich!

If you’d like the chance to be featured on our Case Studies page, you can email us to register your interest.

Feature on our Listings

We have several listings pages on our website:

If you run a local organisation that falls under any of the above categories, you can submit a request to be included on the relevant listings page. In fact, you may already find yourself on there!