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My name is Ebinipere Fegha – most people call me Ebi!

I work at the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts as the Marketing and Communications Officer.

I’ve lived in Norwich for 2 years.

I found out about UEA on a listing of schools that were highly rated when it comes to studying International development, and that’s how I found out about the city of Norwich.

I did some research about the city and learned Norwich was ranked as one of the best places to live in the UK.

As someone who loved going to the beach in Nigeria, the fact that Norwich has easy access to lots of beaches was also a good bonus.

Plus, I had a conversation with a friend who did a similar course and she said it was a good environment, so why not? It seemed like a good fit.

Moving here wasn’t the easiest in terms of the fact that I was leaving my family and what I knew as home to a completely different environment, but I found my community of people which made it easy to transition and settle in eventually.




My university experience was a mix of feelings. I studied virtually for my first semester, and it felt impersonal, however, the onsite experience in my second semester made it much better.

It was intense due to the academic workload, but it was a beautiful experience. The best part was meeting some of the most beautiful souls in my classes. Joining mid-semester could have felt lonely, but a lot of people were so helpful in helping me settle in.

It was a cocktail of emotions as it is for every student, but it gave me the most beautiful friendships that turned into family.


Norwich felt like home away from home

The incredible people I met made the decision to stay back easier. Norwich felt like home away from home and the idea of moving and starting fresh in another city wasn’t appealing.

I like that Norwich has the perfect balance of a vibrant city life with a lot to keep you engaged, but also a peaceful atmosphere for when you want some peace and quiet time.


Ebi on working at SCVA…

Working at the Sainsbury Centre is a beautiful experience.

Imagine being surrounded by a world-class art collection every day, collaborating with passionate colleagues who are committed to the mission of living art and sharing stories.

Aerial View of the Sainsbury Centre Sculpture Park

The Sainsbury Centre is a world-class art museum that houses some of the most amazing art collections.

We believe that art is alive, and we encourage visitors to interact with the pieces, have conversations and form connections, just like they would with a friend.

And on your time off?

I love to play badminton at the Sportspark. It’s a good way to unwind, stay active, and connect with other people.

I’m an unapologetic foodie, so one of the things I like to do is explore Norwich’s culinary scene. I believe trying food from other cultures is a way to travel without doing it physically, so I enjoy going out and savouring the flavours of different cultures.

I like that the commute is not so chaotic. I think it’s also great that in the warmer months, we can easily go to the beach to relax.

I enjoy being around nature, so the Plantation Garden and Eaton Park is a great place to go when time permits it.

Ebi’s Norwich picks


I love to cook so going to the African shop, Food by CPC for my African food shopping is something I love to do. It’s such a positive environment with soul-uplifting music playing every time you walk into the store.

Sometimes all you need is a relaxing stroll and Chantry Place is perfect for that.

Going to parks when it’s warm and just taking in the serene environment is also great.

I love Turkish food, so The Gem by the Riverside is a good place to dine. I also like Giggling Squid for lovely Thai food, Zizi for Italian food and Turtle Bay for a Caribbean Fix.

For street food, exploring the range of options at Norwich Market is also fun. I enjoy visiting the food shops at the market to try some Chinese food.

I enjoy bowling and going for crazy golf with friends. I also love to discover new places and fun things to do. I try to pick a new place to discover every month.


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