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Opportunities for construction and property businesses in Norwich and Norfolk are ample, with North Norfolk recently listed as a top 10 property growth hotspot. We have a large and diverse property development sector, specialising in Passivhaus and sustainable design. Our strong economy and location for housing has driven economic success in the sector, with significant levels of employment across all related industries – employing approximately 70,000 people and supporting over 10,000 companies.

There is a local organisation, Building Growth, which exists to drive sustainable economic growth in the industry, uniting a range of organisations and businesses in the area, including architects, builders and local authorities. Your business could benefit from attending their regular meet-ups to discuss innovative solutions and develop ideas.

Hudson Architects, Cavendish House, NUA, Norwich University of the Arts. Norwich, Norfolk, UK, Winter 2016.Photographer Joakim Borén,
  • Winner of the 2019 Stirling Prize, Goldsmith Street Passivhaus social housing development.
  • Home to the UK’s largest Passivhaus certified residential scheme.
  • One of the fastest growing cities in the UK, with major redevelopment of Anglia Square and East Norwich generating 4,000 jobs and 3,600 homes.