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We spoke to Ross Olivey, co-founder of In Development Studios; a creative development studio who help creatives and agencies write, research and pitch their ideas for commercial campaigns, music videos, tv shows and films before they get made. Another great addition to Norwich’s buzzing creative business community!

Ross made the decision to move his business to Norwich from his base in London in May 2021. We discover what made him decide to make the move, and what he loves about working in Norwich…

“After working remotely for years, we wanted to bring our team together. We just fancied a change and, after covid, it felt like the right time to do so. Besides, we always wanted a studio space of our own and working with almost exclusively international clients meant we didn’t have to be tied to London anymore.

Besides that, the usual – wanting to buy a bigger home for the family and to be around friends who had already made the move. You can walk everywhere and it’s a short hop down the line to London when we need it.”

A Southern Satellite City for Creativity

“The Norwich business community is young and punchy. We’ve discovered a lot of fellow London refugees looking to establish and grow their businesses with a bit more elbow room. Lots of folks seem keen to have Norwich seen as one of the great southern satellite cities for creativity and I like that. It’s got a lot of potential.

We’ve been able to give junior positions to graduates straight out of NUA and UEA. Very few people get a chance locally to work in our field so it’s great to offer that opportunity. And why not? The talent is right here.”

Welcome to Norwich

“We started with a lovely but tiny shoebox space at Fuel Studios, but a bigger one came up so we pounced on it. Really enjoying settling in with lots more room for growth.

It’s right in the centre of the city so pretty much everything you need is right on our doorstep. The team at Fuel Studios here have made us feel very welcome ever since we arrived and done a lot to keep us happy and staying put. I love being able to walk to our studio every day in under 20 minutes.

I’ve discovered interesting industry-adjacent companies that operate out of this fine city, and super talented, positive and friendly people everywhere.

I would recommend other business owners to make the move to Norwich. This country has a major problem with centralisation in the capital. I love London and it’ll always be special to me, but it’s weird and not sustainable to endlessly pile everything into it and expect it to continue to grow. If you don’t need to be somewhere, consider opportunities elsewhere.”

Ross recommends:

Foodie spots:Fresh on the market is my go-to for lunch. The Kimchi for killer Korean Fried Chicken. Blue’s Kitchen at The Rosebery for a burger or roast.”

Coffee shops:Urban Bull Lounge on Magdalene Street or any of the Strangers coffee shops. Artel is great if you aren’t on the go.”

The ideal Norwich day out: “Breakfast at The Hashery on St Augustines. Browsing the record stores and antique shops on St Augustines and Magdalen Street. Looses Emporium is my happy place. The Cinema City Picturehouse for a film and coffee.

Then maybe a gig at Norwich Arts Centre or The Waterfront, before heading back over the river to The Marlborough for a few rounds before closing time. NR3 is where it’s at.”

Are you ready to make the move?

Has Ross’ interview inspired you to relocate your business? Work in Norwich are here to help make your move to our fine city as smooth as possible.

Norwich is packed with a diverse mix of businesses from a wide range of sectors, including creative and digital industries, professional services, health and life sciences, and energy and environmental organisations. With a diverse high street and buzzing culture, retail and leisure is booming, while Norwich Research Park draws talent from across Europe. Not to mention, the city is a hub for finance and insurance too.

Check out just some of the everyday WiNs you’ll discover from working in Norwich.


Image credits: In Development Studios